Digital Financial Services

The future is determined and our choices are limited by the growth in the use of internet of all things.

Business Consulting

23 years in business consulting, a passion of a life time. Creating an ocean of knowledge.

Markets & Commodity Trade

Africa a continent of desire , with a value hidden in its positioning and climatic rewards.


Is to Provide Solutions that Propel Growth in Business & Humanity

Today the world is changing so fast and creating new challenges and better possibilities for growth with lasting impact solutions. “I invite you to seek a life that honors nature. When choosing to do business, create businesses that have a positive relation with society today and tomorrow.”

Mr. Robert M.J. Kintu

Business consultant

You can not offer what you do not believe you have.  Value to the society starts from your ability to create value in yourself and believing in the potential that is resident you ; being of who you are. Self-discover is key to fulfilment in life.  Therefore, being part of a family, team player or a member of group, club, company or organization requires your ability to have registered a set of values that can be matched with the intended or desired association.

value based living

Breaking Out Of The Shell

Tailored Training Sessions

Discover the emerging technologies most relevant to your strategy by working with our community.

Project Concepts & Designs

As a thinker , dreamer and Creator, M.J brings to life ground breaking innovations in businesses leveraging the use of technology.

Executive Business Coaching

Person to Person guidance in focusing, leadership, finance and planning for resources. Productivity Stimulation.

Provocative Talks

Working with minds of individuals and groups to illuminate purposeful change life .

Your Growth is in You

Embrace New Ideas With Creative Thinking

Being true to one’s Self is the first step towards growth; it better to realize one’s holding blocks and discard them; than to hold on to  something that generates negative energy.

Step out & Discover
Research & Fill the Gaps
Own up , take Action , Appreciate life
Your Process Consultant

Aligning Your Purpose with Strategy

Robert has worked with a number of individuals, firms and organizations stimulating changes in life styles, community development, business visioning, strategic planning, business formulation, succession planning, project design, implementation and evaluations.  With a personal interest in technologies, financial inclusion, business modeling and data science, he as built a name in industry as a  process facilitator (side mirror) for business. 

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