Robert, has worked for over 23 years in Business Development Services , Innovating and developing new business concepts. He known for being an open thinker and idea motivator. He has coached and mentored over 71 individuals, undertaken research in over 63 food values chains, developed two Awarding innovations in market information dissemination systems, and financial inclusion payment solution in Uganda.


Robert has a passion in providing solutions for the people in the lower end of the pyramid. He is a Speaker, Motivator and Creative thinker. He holds two masters one in International Marketing (MSC) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) with project finance all from the UK (that is University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and University of Dundee respectively in Scotland, Uk)

Robert is passionate about social and economic development of the masses, especially individuals in the lower end of the economic pyramid. Most of is innovations are geared towards the transformation of societies and communities in need of ground breaking solutions.

On a personal basis he is a trainer, coach and speaker. He has helped, supported and transformed a number of individuals,  companies  and governments in

  • visioning,
  • idea creation,
  • strategic planning,
  • operation designs
  • conceptual development.
  • System planning and layouts.


He has a creative mind and an eye for visioning that exceeds imagination of thought with a basis on data visualization for informative solutions.


Record of Change

April 2017 : Company leadership  : FIT INSIGHTS Group| Info Trade| FIT Humanity LTD. CEO/ Principal Consultant (FIT Insights is a name change from FIT Uganda)

  • As a Conceptual and idea motivator, Robert has been involved in the architect design of an integrated ICT platform that is branded as “Infotrade” and also registered as tradename /business name for FIT Insights. It purposes of the services was to create system and services that offers interactive “information for trade” while linking businesses and financial Services to small and medium size farmers and traders. Hence the tagline of “connecting services to farmers and traders”. The service offers a heavy data collection and analysis platform creating one of the fastest growing digital cloud-based farmers and traders service database since 2010.

The platform offers

  • Market Information Services sourced from 35 data points in the country, with over 25 data collectors using smart devices, analyzing, tabulation and packaging of Market data into useful data insights for weekly report brief, and annual market analysis reports and dissemination of information via SMS Text to over 1,300,000 farmers and traders;
  • Farmer and Trader Database: Over a period of 13 years the company has built a robust data management platform as a service that offers profiling; know your Client (KYC) services, traceability and identification of farmer linked to aggregating organization or membership groups. It has a total of 56,000 farmers in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Farm Record Management Services (FARMIS); Offers farm business monitoring, tracking, and production assessment over the season, digitalizing farm enterprise record from a pre design record book, to give verifiable profit and loss report, balance sheet at end of season and season ledger report to farmers.
  • Business and Financial Linkages; as integrated services the Infotrade has signed business alliances with service providers to provide tailored services to the platform members that are tracked electronically to monitor gains and benefit for both users and providers. (Credit, Insurances, Input Services)
  • Inclusive Payment Solutions: Working with MTN Uganda, Robert has linked over 150 Rural Farmers to Mobile financial Services under FIT Insights to provide cash withdraws in farming communities. This has been recently enhanced with pre-debt cards – Infotrade –maali card that offers financial services for cash deposit, saving, transfer and payment for farmers and traders. Over 1500 cards are in circulation with two off takers. The payments are terminated using Point of Sale Terminals with a network of agents in the country

October 2000  Business Designs and formulations  : FIT Uganda Limited, Principal Consultant

  • Private Business Development firms that have been in business for 19 years specializing in capacity building programme for NGOs, SMEs, Associations and value chain analysis and programme evaluations. The firm was involved in a number of representative and advisory positions at the National Level working with Government on ICT policy formulation under the supervision of the National Planning Authority. Robert was a member of the National ICT Policy formulation team that led to the setup of the Ministry of Information Communication Technology in Uganda.

January 2019 Public Governance and Accountability

  • PROJSET Uganda Limited, Managing Director/ Principal Consultant
  • Hired as Conceptual and Data Expert to design and develop the A Parliamentary Performance Audit” aims at presenting the political parties, parliament, individual MPs and the general public with an audited report of the performance of Members of their Houses and the Members of Parliament. It was tagged as “MPs’ Scorecard” in order to create a measure for checks and balance in the mind of the auditor and auditee.
  • The “Parliamentary Scorecard” Its overall objective was to contribute to the deepening of democratic governance in Uganda. It promotes domestic accountability by those in leadership to their citizens and not only to the donor agencies as is always the case in the developing countries. It is a generated scientific tool for promoting active citizens’ monitoring and assessing Parliamentary performance of Uganda’s Legislature in general and individual Members of Parliament (MPs) in particular.
  • Robert under technical leadership PROJSET was involved in the evaluation of the 8th, 7th and 9th Parliamentary in Uganda, working African Leadership Institute as the publishing and disseminating entity. Data was collected from the Hansard reporting on the plenary, committee recording, and in-depth interviews with members of the various constituencies that hosted the selected number of MPs.