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Selection of topics  ( a brief write up of 500 words per topic)

  1. Saving for a purpose
  2. Your Investment Choice
  3. Planning for Legacy and family wealth retention
  4. Recruitment, Development and Retention for associations and cooperatives.
  5. Service Program Development for associations and cooperatives
  6. Service integration, marketing and utilization of ICTs
  7. Financial Inclusion for the Youth


June, 2016March 2017VECO East Africa, Developing farmers in Trading and Information Systems, Project Manager The project is creating a rural data management services targeting 15,000 farmers in Uganda and 10,000 farmers in Tanzania with specific focus on value chains of maize, beans and rice. Support the market information services: Farmer access to structured trading systems, Creation of farmer profiles, Farmer record management, Access to virtual market to markets.
November, 2015January, 2016International Labour Organization, Midterm Review – Youth Entrepreneurship Facility, Project Evaluations Expert: Supporting the youth in Uganda to turn their energy and ideas into business opportunities by increasing their incomes/ earning capacity and creating decent work for themselves and others. The Evaluation covered 11 districts in Uganda. Review of the project implementation components and advise on the approaches. Data was collected via qualitative and quantitative methods and approaches such in-depth interviews with the youth leaders, focus groups discussion, peer to peer evaluations, and structured Questionnaires.
Sept, 2015Oct, 2015Malaria Consortium, UNITAID private sector MRDT, External Consultant- Evaluator, Midterm value chain study for UNITAID which a global health initiative that is working with partners to end the world’s tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malaria and hepatitis C epidemics. Robert provided Consultancy services as an External Evaluator of the Value Chain established to supply Malaria Rapid Diagnosis Tools (MRDT). This involves visiting over 25 selected districts, talking to importers, wholesales, distributors, retailers and users (patients) in clinics, hospitals and pharmacies. Data was collected from using in-depth interview, focus group discussion and structured questionnaires.
July, 2012July, 2014Abi Trust Initiative, Public Market Information Service, Project Manager/ Lead Process Consultant Increasing Public Access To Agricultural Market Information, Improvement of agriculture market information in the country, use of ICT to promote outreach using channels like Mobile , Radio and IVR systems, Online platforms, Coordinate and facilitate the improvement of collection and increase the availability and dissemination of production, market and transaction information of staple crops in the country, Creating sustainable business linkages with other service to actors in the value chain including financial linkages and enabling money remittance services  
Oct, 2013June, 2014Mercy Corps Scotland, AgriFIN Project, Project Manager- Technical Team Leader, Managing, Implementing and Coordination of project activities in the Profiling of Farmers and the dissemination of Agricultural Information through Mobile. Farmer Mobilized for the project was 15,000 farmers from five (5) districts of (Lira, Gulu, Kitigum, Pader, Nwoya and Lamwo).   The services provided included: Farmer support Registration, Aggregation of Support Agencies, Field profiling of the individual Farmers, Digitalize farmer, Link farmers to e-services m-mobile, insurance and market opportunities, Provision of Market information on the following crops (Maize, Bean, Cassava, Soya, Sesame, Sorghum and Sunflower), Self-Sustaining Market Information Services.
March, 2013March, 2014IFPRI, funded by Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, A baseline survey of farmers on the on agricultural production, marketing, livestock, non-farm income, credit and Agricultural information, Principal Investigator. Improving Food Security in West and East Africa through Capacity Building in Research and Information Dissemination – Food Africa; A baseline survey of farmers on the on agricultural production, marketing, livestock, non-farm income and credit, Agricultural information (particularly marketing information) to a random sample of the interviewed farmers through their mobile phones and Analysis of the results uses the double-difference approach.
May, 2013Dec, 2013Mercy Corps Uganda, ASDA/RAIN project, Associate Consultant Building capacity for Radio Media for sustainable agribusiness programmes; Identification of radio partners in the Northern Region, Identification of private corporate companies to work with the Radio station, arranging public dialogue, training the presenters in magazine style programmes and Facilitating the design of sustainable radio programs
Oct, 2010Dec, 2010VECO Uganda, The Program for Sustainable Agricultural Market Chain Development in Eastern and Northern Uganda, Lead Consultant Mid-Term evaluation of program activities in Eastern and Northern Uganda.  This involved visiting and promoting the establishment of the strong and viable district farmers’ associations and farmer-driven Agri-Enterprises.
Nov, 2009April, 2010UNDP Uganda, Value Chain Expert and Process Consultant Support the preparation of a UN Agency Joint Programme on Value Chain Development in Uganda
April, 2009May, 2009Rwanda News Agency, Business and Strategic Plan Development, Lead Consultant Consultancy Services to Develop a Strategic Business Plan for the setting-up of a Group Media House in Rwanda involving radio, print and television.
June, 2008June, 2009Danida, Agribusiness Development Component” (ABDC) on behalf of Danida’s “Agricultural Sector Program, Process Consultant Project Design and Implementation of Agricultural Market Information Services; Project implemented by FIT Uganda, in the design and collection of market data and production data from 26 districts on 46 agricultural commodities in the country. This led to the service development of INFOTRADE as responsive solution to lack of market information in the market.
Dec, 2005Jan, 2006HIVOS, Grassroots Promoter Programme, Lead Consultant Project Evaluation and Sustainability Assessment of Business Care Services; Grassroots Promoter Programme in Tanga, involved in field evaluation, in-depth interviews with staff and developing a project evaluation model.
March, 2005Dec, 2009Cordaid, Capacity Building Programme for Cordaid Partners in Access to Market, Lead Consultant and Project Manager Developing and building skills of the providers of 9 Faith Based Organizations and 6 NGOs in new market dynamics for enterprise development and gender inclusive programming using Value Chain model and Sub Sector Analysis as a base for implementation. The project covered to of 45 value chains studies and launched 9 successful studies that were linked to markets locally and regionally.
Sept, 2004Dec, 2004CARE UGANDA, Rural Economic Programme, Team Leader BDS Market Assessment in communities adjacent the protected areas in South Western Uganda, assessing alternative sources of income for the people living around the national game parks in Western Uganda – Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth e.t.c
Oct, 2004Nov, 2004International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD), Improving Communication Infrastructure within for pilot districts, Team Leader Evaluation of District Networking and communication Project funded International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) to facilitate the development of information communication system among departments and communicate serviced.  The project installed computers, network systems and internet and intranet in Kayunga, Mbarara, Lira and Mbale.
April, 2004Nov, 2004International Labour Organization, Market Supply Linkages for agribusiness development, Process Consultant, Development of Quality Management System for Dried Fruit Supply chain; with the Corners shops in European.  Organic certification of African Organic, market scanning, development and entry.
May, 2003July, 2003SNV Uganda, Business Development Services; Lead Consultant Carry out a Business Development Service Market Assessment (BDSMA) for the West Nile Region; aimed at services improvement among private sector actors within the region.
Oct, 2003Dec, 2003Embassy of Ireland, Business Development Services Identification, Lead Consultant Assessment of the Potential to support the Private Sector in the districts of Kabale, Kiboga and Kumi
July, 2003June, 2004European Union, Suffice Programme, Lead Consultant Promoting Information Access using Print Media; promoted involved working with private print media to develop new models of content dissemination; this included design, training of reporters in business investigative journalism; simply business writing that is targeted towards small and medium sized enterprise readers.
May, 2001May, 2003EU, Suffice Programme, Lead Consultant Promoting Access to Financial Services, through private sector; Capacity building programme targeting SME in Uganda with business programmes – Rapid Market Appraisal, Grassroots Management Training, and Developing of Network of trainers
Nov, 2002Dec, 2009Cordaid /ICCO, Developing Funding Access to Market Policy, Local Consultant Consulting in collection and building of background information for creation of policy guidelines in the funding of projects in the areas of “Access to Markets in Uganda.  This involved collecting and compiling data from 15 organizations, carrying over 19 districts in Uganda.
March, 2002October, 2002USAID – SPEED Project, Associate Consultant, Training for Associations on the Private Sector Foundation (PSF) – SPEED Association capacity Building Programme (for the governance and Management Training Series)
April, 2001October, 2002DFID with Technical Support from International Labour Organization, Private Sector Business and Market Linkages programme, Lead Consultant Implementing a project funded and supported by DFID and ILO, to test the concept of Joint Ventures as a Mechanisms for Business Development Services in Uganda using MSE Business Paper and Agro Processed marketing joint venture. This led to the set-up of the first “free advertising paper” – The Regional Market Focus and the support of African Organic export of dry fruits to Europe and Canada
Aug, 1999March, 2000Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning with support from SIDA, Public Business Information Promotion, Lead Consultant Drafting the test programmes and concepts for radio media-based programme, coordinated the development of magazine radio programme targeting small businesses hosted by CBS 88.8. and network of three private radio stations.
July, 2000Oct, 2000Uganda Public Defender, Business Operations Design and Modeling, Lead Consultant Drafting a working proposal for the establishment of the Uganda Public Defender Scheme, Coordinated by M/S Development Initiative Consultants; This involved conceptual design of organization focus, client definition, strategies formulation, physical layouts and programming of activities.
May, 1999June, 1999Institute for Development Policy and Management the University of Manchester, Building Digital Opportunities Programme, Researcher / Writer E-commerce Baseline Survey: Undertook a survey as part of the programme to accelerate the adaptation process of the first and second generation of Internet products. This led to the development and publication of two hand ‘eCommerce for Small Enterprise Development and Handbook for entrepreneurs in developing countries for business enterprise owners and employees download copies: http://www.ecomm4dev.org/ 
Jan, 1999April, 1999IDRC, Improving Local Content for business enhancement, Associate Consultant Undertake a study evaluating the viability of establishing commercial radio programmes for micro and small enterprise in Uganda
Dec, 1988 Austria Embassy, Consultant Analyzing the quality of services provided by Computer Training Centre (CTC) in Uganda
Consultancy Projects completed 90+Individuals Mentored 56  Associates Coached 71Public Speaks given 88Communities touched   234