Plastic Free Waters – RMEA Campaign

  1. The Rotary Mariners of East Africa – Uganda Fleet are members of the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians, with a membership of 70% Rotarians and 30% Non-Rotarians; they come together for fellowship, fun and to promote social and economic humanity concerns; while creating awareness of matters relating to water bodies and associated activities.

Took an opportunity on 11thMarch 2021, to announce their partnership with the “FLIPLOPI SAILING EXPEDITION” an African Project initiative promoting the recycling of plastics with purpose. Fliplopi Sailing dhow was made of 8 tons of fully recycled Plastic that was collected from the Indian Ocean around the coasts of Lamu Island in Kenya.  As a way of promoting awareness and education of the public on the importance of plastic-free waters’, the promoters sailed around the shores of Lake Victoria, meeting a number of local
and international NGOs, and government agencies mandated to protect the waters
and environment. The sailing event sort to drive a vital message upstream to
end unnecessary single-use of plastic that is threatening the region.

Most of the plastics that we use are dumped on the roadside, bins and other waste areas end up in the channels and then driven by the rains to the freshwater lakes and rivers.

 As part of the Mission as Mariners, this year we call upon fellow Rotarians and friends of the earth to join us in driving the message of Plastic Free Waters’ being part of the campaign promoted by the International yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR)  sponsors the conservation of nature through a campaign that is aimed at clearing and freeing our water bodies of plastics and other non-decomposing materials. products to services to experiences and communities, and as mass products evolve into new segments with accelerating personalization. Growth strategy today requires consumer products companies to look “present forward” and “future back”—to create a faster horse while envisioning the car—in order to define new growth platforms beyond their current products, business model and capabilities.

Why does investing time in the Environment matter?

This activity exceeds our fellowship’s main mission but appeals to us as citizens and people of goodwill to collaborate as Citizens of this country Uganda, Cultural Institutional hosting the Water bodies, Rotarians, Mariners, Central and Local governments, corporate companies, Manufacturers and Consumers be involved in any activity that protects the environment, like cleaning the beaches, planting trees, policy enforcement, community policing,  and desiring beauty in nature we have.  We  seek to involve people in education to create awareness and action for the users of the water bodies, industries, beachgoers and property owners to take some calculated steps that protect the areas of their operations.

It is one step at a time, if we all picked ten plastic bottles a day for 356 days; this will stimulate change in behaviour creating a better living environment for all”. 


The writer is the Fleet Commodore of the
Rotary Mariners of East Africa- Uganda Fleet, and also a Past Centennial
President of the Rotary Club of Kampala. CEO of FIT Insights Ltd/ Chairperson
of Maalicard Limited. Classification Business Consultant – Idea

In support of this campaign, we request that fellow Rotarians and other interested and concerned parties to action by: –

a) To promote circular solutions and call for an end to single-use plastic in the region to encourage cross-border collaboration in the region to address climate change and plastic pollution.

b)To collaborate with government, both local, central and regional in ensuring water and environment security for the socio-economic transformation of Uganda”, with a focus on concrete solutions to the world’s greatest water and environment-related challenges, starting with the climate crisis and including rising water levels, water scarcity, food security, health, biodiversity, and impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

C) To protect Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest freshwater lake that is said to be ‘dying’, facing a myriad of environmental and social problems that could impact the 40 million people living in the region 

D) Protect and restore land, coastal line, marine, and freshwater resources

E) Enhance the capacity of communities to manage and conserve natural resources

F)  Support sustainable agriculture, fishing, and aquaculture practice

G)    Address the cause of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions

H) Strengthen ecosystems and communities that are affected by climate change

I)    Support education to promote behaviours that protect the environment

J)  Advocate for sustainable consumption to build an economy that uses resources more efficiently

K)     Address environmental justice issues and public health concerns

We think that you as an individual can
be a pivot of change, by managing your waste and also working with the
industries to have responsive production that has complete solutions for plastic
containers used in the packaging.

 As a Rotary club you can work in their
areas of presence to promote/ fund the following activities: –

 a)    The cleaning of Beaches on Saturdays at 3.00 pm for 30 minutes all present.

b)    Promote tree planting by all school-going children 2 times a year; every child should have planted and natured 40 trees by the time of their graduation day.

c)   Advocate for a monthly general cleanup day at the national or regional level or city
level.  As the Rotary Mariners appreciate the collaboration and efforts of different agencies, cultural bodies, institutions and governments for the recognition of this need:

 A)  The Government of Uganda, through the Ministry of Water and Environment, Ministry
of Transport, National Forest Authority, NEMA, Ministry of Tourism

B)  The Buganda Kingdom, through the office of the Queen of Buganda and the Busoga Kingdom to mention but a few.

C)  Conservation organizations:  Flipflopi Project, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), The European Union, UNEP Clean
Seas Campaign, UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, French
Development Agency (AFD)

D)  Rotary International and International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians

E)   And the Supportive private companies, corporate bodies and associations that have embraced this initiative.  This is our concern and our problem.

We welcome any ideas that will make this campaign effective and meaningful to our beloved Country Uganda. 


 Yours in Service above Self



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Rotary Mariners of East Africa

Ugandan Fleet


Beach Clearing at Entebbe

Expedition on Lake Victoria

The Mariners test the FLIPLOPI boat