Interesting day,  as was driving to the garage on a Saturday, i took a turn to the  get some gas.   I noticed  vehicle from the Blood bank, that was mobilizing for blood from individuals.   After filling up my tank, i parked my car to the side and talked the nurse , so i am here.  Can you check and then draw some blood for the sick ? She said , ” are you not on a journey? Oh yes, but i would like to give. This my 28th donation. The rest is history i give blood and felt good that i had saved a life that day.

If you are not sick, it is good to reduce the amount of blood you have by donating to the sick. Their is no use of having too much when others are suffering.

Blood donation is an act of love,   It is self rewarding and health for you the giver and also promote a life.

Remember that each person that receives the bloods will thank Lord for your act. Those are the blessing  you carry.

Become a Blood Donator today,  this will change the way you think about life.

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